Secure Shredding

Does your company deal with confidential or sensitive information? If so, you’re legally obligated to ensure that any information is handled and disposed of using the correct methods.

Failure to dispose of information of this nature could result in a serious breach of confidentiality. It could have far-reaching consequences, and could even damage your credibility and leave you liable for prosecution.

Here at Zone Waste Management and Recycling, we provide secure paper and non-paper shredding services which are environmentally friendly and legally compliant. Whatever the nature of the information, if it’s expired or no longer relevant, our team can arrange to collect and destroy it.

A Secure Shredding Service you can rely on

At Zone Waste Management and Recycling, we place emphasis on maintaining confidentiality, security, and legal compliance. Our core mission is also to do whatever we can to promote waste management and recycling programs that have a positive impact on the environment. To that end, we’ve created a secure shredding service that upholds our mission to push best recycling practices in communities throughout the UAE.

Why Choose Secure Shredding?

Virtually all commercial and government entities handle confidential and sensitive information. From personal details to sensitive, proprietary information; secure shredding is necessary to ensure full compliance with data protection.

By shredding all relevant documents, you’re preventing potentially critical information from falling into the wrong hands. We ensure that any information that you wish to protect is destroyed, with the raw materials recycled responsibly. Simply get in touch, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once your waste has been collected, it’ll be destroyed, at which point, you’ll be issued with all the necessary documentation. Following the destruction of your waste, it’ll be sent for recycling.

What Needs to be Shredded?

At Zone Waste Management and Recycling, we typically shred the following on a daily basis:

General Confidential Paper Waste (such as bank statements and old legal documents)

Photographs and Negatives, Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets, Diaries, and Invoices

Hard Drives, CDs, USBs, Floppy Disks, CCTV Tapes, and Microfiche

Anything Containing Confidential Information

We currently provide secure shredding services to over 150 companies throughout the UAE. Not only do our machines shred the documents, but they also make it virtually impossible to recombine the documents. The shredded waste is combined with other paper waste, formed into bales and sent to a paper mill to be recycled.

Get in Touch

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