If you’re looking to do your part to promote a cleaner, healthier environment, then recycling is a great first step.

Here at Zone Waste Management and Recycling, we’ve provided a multi-tiered recycling service, developed over the last two decades. Our philosophy is simple – to design and implement recycling solutions that greatly benefit both our clients and the environment.

As part of our recycling service, we’re equipped to recycle all manner of materials, including:



Plastics (including water bottles and containers)



Used cooking oil

Whatever waste your business generates, if it can be recycled, there’s a good chance that our team are equipped to handle it. To find out more, give Zone Waste Management and Recycling a call today or keep reading

Our Mission

It is our mission to not only take practical steps but also to promote awareness of the importance of a clean and healthy environment. Not only do we strive to do this by implementing practical solutions, but also through promoting educational initiatives. If you choose to enlist our services, you’ll deal directly with one of our highly experienced professionals.

We will work in tandem with your team to ascertain the current state of your waste stream. Once we’ve completed our assessment, we’ll devise an end-to-end waste diversion and recycling program that is in line with your business’ needs and budget. Our extensive knowledge and expertise leave us well-placed to create solutions that not only have a positive impact on your business but on the environment too.

Recycling Solutions

Made Simple

At Zone Management and Waste Recycling, we never consider a request too big or small for us to handle. To us, designing and implementing recycling solutions is something that we do every single day – we consider it ‘business as usual’. This mentality enables us to overcome any obstacle that your business might face.

Once in place, our waste diversion and recycling program will serve to assist you in achieving long-lasting economic and environmental benefits. From reducing costs and increasing resource recovery to minimizing waste, lowering contamination levels, and improving participation in recycling activities, our recycling service helps with your business’ carbon footprint.

Just take a look at what we’re currently accomplishing. We’re working closely with more than 80 municipal councils to encourage recycling outcomes throughout the UAE.

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