Recycling and Waste Collection Services

Here at Zone Waste Management and Recycling, we provide a full range of recycling and waste collection services.

In fact, as our name suggests; these are the two services form the core of our business’ operations. We’ve been delivering these services to clients throughout the UAE since 1999 and have amassed a stellar reputation and an enviable client base.

What is Recycling?

In short, recycling is a process in which waste items are broken down into their raw materials which are then resold or repurposed into another product. To achieve this, anything that is recyclable must be separated from general waste and sent to a dedicated recycling center. Here, it can be processed into a form where it can be used again.


At Zone Waste Management, we possess the following ISO certifications and standards of excellence – ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

Our success is gauged through our ability to continually adapt and evolve the services that we provide. This transformation occurs in line with internationally accepted ISO standards. Through our environmental stewardship, we engage in operations that do not damage the natural heritage of our world. ISO 9001 relates to quality management, covering all key processes, management, and procedural compliance within the business framework.

In the case of ISO 14001, this certification highlights our proven ability to reduce our clients’ waste and provide them with a smaller carbon footprint. This also highlights how we can assist with reducing energy consumption, insurance bills, and environmental liability.

Finally, requirements related to Health and Safety Management Systems are directly linked with OHSAS 18001. This international standard also enables an organization’s control over and knowledge of all hazards related to their operations and abnormal situations. The purpose is to improve our clients’ performance in these areas.

Environmental Service Provider ESP

An Environmental Service Provider (ESP) is tasked with providing a wide range of waste collection and recycling services. Here at Zone Waste Management and Recycling, our ESP team is uniquely placed to provide ongoing support to businesses of all sizes. The services they carry out include but are not limited to:

Waste Operations Transport

Recycling (with the issue of relevant certificates)

Collection and Processing

Destruction Certificate (for all confidential documents)

Manifest Tracking

Get in Touch

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