Carpet Care

Founded in 1999, Zone Waste Management and Recycling are a highly rated waste collection and recycling company with a proud reputation.

Having operated throughout Abu Dhabi for the last 20 years, we’ve established a presence as the company that so many call on for all their waste handling and cleaning requirements. Are your carpets in urgent need of sprucing up? Then you’ll want to enlist a team that has worked with many clients, including:

Government Entities

Schools & Universities


Private Offices

Shopping Malls


Whatever waste your business generates, if it can be recycled, there’s a good chance that our team are equipped to handle it. To find out more, give Zone Waste Management and Recycling a call today or keep reading

Quality Carpet Care Solutions

So often people are concerned with cleaning what they can see. Dust and dirt stains aren’t your only concern, however. You should also be concerned about what you can’t see. Even if your carpets look clean at first glance, chances are that they are harboring all sorts of bacteria, dirt, dust, and even pests.

These can penetrate right down into the deepest layers of your carpet, where they can be difficult to remove through conventional methods.
If left unchecked, dirty carpets can attribute to health issues and trigger those with allergies. They can also produce stale odors which are impossible to eliminate. Here’s the part where you turn to Zone Waste Management and Recycling. Our carpet care service is carried out by our dedicated workforce, who are all technically experienced.

Through the use of cutting-edge equipment and eco-friendly cleaning materials and detergents, they can get right down into the piling of the carpet, eliminating dirt, dust, and bacteria. We use steam extraction and high-strength shampoos to restore even the most heavily stained carpet to an immaculate state. Our intensive cleaning service is perfect for natural and synthetic carpets, providing long-lasting results that’ll leave your carpets clean, sanitary, and smelling fresher.

Building Maintenance

But what if you require more of us? Well, not to worry as here at Zone Waste Management and Recycling, we’re happy to provide customers with a complete building maintenance service. Our contractual cleaning services can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Rather than hiring a dedicated team to handle the upkeep of your property, simply leave it to our team.

Carpet and floor care services are just two of the aspects of our building maintenance service which you can take full advantage of. Whether as part of a building maintenance package or a stand-alone service, our carpet care team will leave your carpets pristine.

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