Building Maintenance

Do you require ongoing building maintenance services?

Have you considered placing a call to Zone Waste Management and Recycling? If not, now is the time to call a member of our team. Since 1999, we’ve remained firmly committed to providing customers with services centered on improving their waste management and recycling processes. We also offer competitively priced cleaning services, all of which combine to create a healthier working environment.

Floor & Carpet Care

Office Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Recycling & Waste Collection

At Zone Waste Management and Recycling, we provide contractual cleaning services that fit in with the schedule of your business. We take care of the day-to-day tasks, leaving you and your team free to do what you do best. From office cleaning and carpet care to recycling and waste collection services; we take care of all those mundane yet necessary cleaning tasks.

Our Mission

It is our mission to not only take practical steps but also to promote awareness of the importance of a clean and healthy environment. Not only do we strive to do this by implementing practical solutions, but also through promoting educational initiatives. If you choose to enlist our services, you’ll deal directly with one of our highly experienced professionals.

We will work in tandem with your team to ascertain the current state of your waste stream. Once we’ve completed our assessment, we’ll devise an end-to-end waste diversion and recycling program that is in line with your business’ needs and budget. Our extensive knowledge and expertise leave us well-placed to create solutions that not only have a positive impact on your business but on the environment too.

Floor and Carpet Care

Whatever flooring happens to be installed throughout your commercial premises, our floor care services will ensure that it stays looking immaculate. We can care for all floor types, ranging from granite and marble to wooden and synthetic.

If your property is equipped with carpets, steam extraction and shampooing is a service that we’re happy to provide. We can tailor this service to carpets made from natural and synthetic materials. Carpets harbor a lot of bacteria and dirt as well as unpleasant odors. Our carpet care service takes care of all this.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning services are essential for maintaining a healthy working environment for you and your employees. Dust, bacteria, and other dirt can cause health issues, resulting in more staff absences and reduced productivity. Our general cleaning for corporate offices greatly offsets this problem.

Residential Cleaning

For homeowners, we’re happy to provide an intensive cleaning program tailored to both your needs and budget. We’re equipped to cater to residential houses and apartments, providing market-leading housekeeping services that are cost-effective. These services are useful for landlords too.

Recycling and Waste Collection

We can also take care of your waste collection and recycling requirements. Our team will assess your waste stream and devise an end-to-end waste diversion and recycling strategy that’ll facilitate your needs.

Our building maintenance service is entirely bespoke, and we’ll discuss your requirements before creating a package that’s been tailored accordingly. We work with all manner of clients, including but not limited to:

Shopping Complexes


Apartment Blocks

Trade Centers

Office Blocks

Educational Facilities and More!

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