About Us

If you’re looking to do your part to promote a cleaner, healthier environment, then recycling is a great first step.

Here at Zone Waste Management and Recycling, we’ve been providing customers with cutting-edge waste collection and recycling services since 1999. For the last two decades, we’ve worked hard to forge a positive reputation. We want to be the first name people think of when they are considering the waste management requirements of their business.

By focusing on four key areas, we seek to deliver a top-quality service:

Our Company

Commitment and Reputation



Our Company

It has always been our mission to provide each of our clients with a level of service excellence and quality assurance that simply cannot be beaten. As a fully licensed and reputable business, we’re proud to say that we’re approved by institutions such as TADWEER (the center of waste management) and Insured Corporation.

Our Mission

We’re driven to be effective at what we do. To ensure the successful establishment of a safe and healthy environment, our skilled team adopts a systematic, cost-effective approach to every project that they undertake.

Commitment and Reputation

It is our commitment and reputation that drive us. Our commitment to prioritize the needs of our customers, and to uphold the stellar reputation for which we are so grateful to have acquired. Expanding on the mention of customer excellence above, we’re proud to note that we’re certified for the International Customer Service Standard.

On top of all this, we’re driven to promote a safe environment for both our customers and the public as a whole. By continually defining and meeting legislative requirements, we’re helping to forge a better society for all.

Our Philosophy

Designing and implementing tailored recycling solutions is ‘business as usual’ for us. We utilize our specialist in-house resources to create waste diversion and recycling programs that will positively impact your business and the environment. We’re passionate about using education to promote awareness of the importance of a healthy environment.

Our Core Value

Empathy in dealing with our customer, honesty in all our transactions.

Our Vision

To be the leader in waste management and recycling services by introducing and using new methods and technology for the better cost efficiency and quality services, and acquire significant increase in services engagements from the most reputable companies and industry groups in Abu Dhabi.

Additionally, we will assess your waste streams and devise clever ways for you to reduce costs, increase resource recovery, minimize waste, lower contamination levels, and improve participation in recycling activities. Working with over 80 municipal councils, we’re looking to transform communities through the UAE through the adoption of best recycling practices.

To find out more, call Zone Waste Management and Recycling now on +971 2552 5153 or email us at info@zonenviro.ae.

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For more information, call +971 2552 5153 or email Zone Waste Management and Recycling at info@zonenviro.ae.